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Grady Harp review of “D. Keith Furon: The First Thirty Years”


Following is a review of my book “D. Keith Furon: The First Thirty Years” by Grady Harp on, November 13, 2013

Among the legendary artists of the 21st century D. Keith Furon is among the most respected. Born in Los Angeles in 1952, Furon received his training at UC Berkeley and UCLA and is now in the collections of important museums and private photographic art collections. His home base is Palm Springs, California. Furon looks for the unexpected, for images that others haven’t seen before. His images are infused with a refined sense of composition and aesthetic. And blended with a sensual and powerful spirit. He captures the essence within the subject in every phase of his oeuvre – still life, landscape, nudes – and his trademark is subtle: meticulous composition, near dream-like images that never pass into the realm of the surreal yet serve as emblems of a heightened sensitivity to light/space/place and in many ways a spirituality.

This handsome book is a generous collection of Furon’s work of the past thirty years. Though all categories of his work are extraordinary, the most imaginative images are those of female nudes – alone, in tandem, in groups. In one particularly evocative piece called Rock Garden he places three models facing away from us so that these sensitive feminine forms are appreciated more as works of still life without the superimposition of facial suggestion of person. It is radiant.

The book is stunningly designed, allowing the photographs to speak without interruption by words. Elegant and quiet, this is the artistic journey of a very important photographic artist.

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