Portfolios of Work

Up until a few years ago, I grouped my photography according to basic genre: landscapes, still lies, figurative, etc. However, now I categorize my work into portfolios of imagery. Each portfolio encompasses a specific theme of work. Often, I find great variety between the images within a portfolio, yet they all support a consistent theme or statement. In this way, a figurative work may be grouped with a still life, or a landscape. Because it is really more about the statement the image makes than the photographic genre of its content. I prefer organizing my work this way because it speaks more to the intent that goes into the work, rather than fitting it into a generic category. Over the past year I have restructured my website to reflect this new portfolio approach. To help clarify the creative intent of each portfolio, I’ve begun writing statements about each group and the type of content that goes into it. I’ll be adding these statements to my website over time as I complete them. Hopefully my thoughts behind the work will help clarify how I approach my art and what it means to me, as well as add to the viewers appreciation for the imagery.