Crafted Works


D. Keith Furon: “Crafted Works”

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Artist D. Keith Furon has evolved photographic art in his Crafted Works series. These unique art pieces are hand manipulated into three-dimensional, deconstructed pieces of sculpted art. Then the one-of-a-kind artworks are suspended in shadow box frames. The original photographic image used in a Crafted Works piece will never be used or printed again.

Each piece is unique and there is only one that will ever exist.

"For years I wrestled to create a form of original art that would be created from my photographs. I had traditionally created photographic images, printed a series of limited-edition prints from the negative, and framed the results. I loved the photographic process. But I also felt stuck in the realm of multiple prints. I wanted to create individual creations of art, where only one original existed, but that used the photograph as the medium. A truly unique individual piece of art. Much like a sculptor uses clay, I use my photograph."

"I remember one day noticing a crumpled up piece of paper on my desk, and noticed how the shapes and folds created highlights and shadows on the shape. It struck a chord. I saw that I wanted to impart that dimension and form to my images; to make, essentially, a two-dimensional piece of art become a three-dimensional piece."

Crafted Works are hand manipulated, in multiple sessions until the shape, distressing, texturing and manipulation are locked into the print so that it retains its shape in an archival form. Often, an integration of other elements and materials brings the piece to its final state. The piece is then mounted, floating style, in a hand-made shadow box frame. The finished pieces range in size from 14” x 14” up to 60” x 60’.

To see the complete Crafted Works portfolio, visit: Crafted Works

Each piece is signed and dated, on reverse in archival ink, by D. Keith Furon.

Crafted Works pieces range in retail price from $9,000 to $12,000. For specific pricing, visit: Crafted Works Prices

For more information, contact the artist: dkeith@dkeithfuron.com


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