Art of Seeing: Creative Photography

Art of Seeing: Creative Photography, 2012

D. Keith Furon's image "Shopping Spree" is included in this collection.

From the Introduction to the book by Glenn Steiner:

What makes a superior photographer? I believe it starts with a certain passion to be the best that there can be, to rise above the maddening crowd with a vision unique and pure.

To accomplish this a photographer must be a mechanic with equipment, a magician with light, and a surgeon of 'the moment', able to distill the flow of life into one shining instant of glory.

Yet the great photographer also searches for the ephemeral, seeking not only the tangible that may be grasped, but also the intangible. This 'intangible' is made all the more elusive because it has not yet been seen by human eyes, existing solely as a construct within the mind's eye of the artist.

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