D. Keith Furon: The First Thirty Years

Yellow Cat Press, 2013
Available in 168-page softcover version (8.5" x 11" finished size) through bookstores and online. Also available in a limited-edition (2500), individually signed & numbered hardcover version (12" x 12" finished size) through the artist.

D. Keith’s photographs let us explore a deeper visual awareness of what we normally take for granted. His images take us on a journey that parallels the obvious point of view. His work says something fresh about photography. It gives permission to see, feel, think, form values and break down barriers on many levels: Perceptual, visceral, social, empathic, sensual and sexual.

To D. Keith, his art is his message. It reveals something extraordinary from the ordinary. He looks for the unexpected, for images that others haven’t seen before. His images are infused with a refined sense of composition and aesthetic. And blended with a sensual and powerful spirit. He captures the essence within the subject.

This collection represents a 30-year journey, and offers an overview of the artist’s path through artistic expression.

Softcover version available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com

The limited-edition hardcover version is available directly through the artist: dkeith@dkeithfuron.com

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